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Things not to send down to your septic tank.

Things not to send down to your septic tank #1

1.) Moist wipes for babies and adults. Its like putting rags in your in your septic tank. They don’t break down in water to digest. There have been companies in the past that has charged over 2000.00 to take them out.  Its not a pretty picture.  


Things not to send down to your septic tank #2

2.) You should not put grease down your drains. Grease can plug your lines and some grease works its way to the leach fields and seals the field so that they can’t accept any grey water. This can cause a very expensive repair.


Things not to send down to your septic tank #3

3.) We should not put a lot of disinfectants and or bleach down the drain to the septic tank. It kills the bacteria responsible for the digestion process in the septic tank. The more bacteria killed the more often you will need to pump your tank.  We have customers that live alone and need to pump every year. He likes using too much bleach and disinfectants in his house that makes itself into the septic tank. We also have customers with two in the household go ten years and still not quite be ready for a pumping. You can buy enzymes to seed your tank. Yet if your also adding poisons these enzymes will be killed also.

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Think before you flush.

We’ve seen one person in one year fill his tank so that the tank needs pumped this often. We’ve also seen two people go over ten years and still not need to pump their tank. It all depends what you flush or pour down the drain this includes anything that cleans disinfects and or kills germs. Garbage disposal use also contributes to filling the tank faster. You can buy additives and enzymes to put into your tank to assist in tank digestion. If you’re killing the natural enzymes found in your septic tank you will also kill what ever you buy.

How you check if your septic tank need pumped.

You have a solid side and a liquid side. Your tank is always full. It the how thick the solids on top and on bottom that determines when a tank needs pumped.  One way to check if your tank needs pumped is to take a shovel put it in the solid side of tank. If the shovel will stand up by itself the thickness on the top is thick enough to start plugging up the input section of the tank. You will have backups to the house. If the top is thin and the shovel slides though the top cake take a mental not of the thickness of the top cake and lower the shovel blade down so it taps the bottom of tank. Doing so you will feel the restriction of the digest found at bottom of tank. The thickness when added to the thickness at the top is approximately a foot thick its time to pump. Remember the reason for pumping you tank is to protect your leach field. Its also a goo thing to check your tank occasionally to make sure roots don’t get in tank and cause damage to system.


In the year 2000 El Dorado County started requiring filters installed on new septic tank installations. These filters are installed on the waterside of tank on outlet pipe of system. If this filter gets pugged it will back up in house. This filter should be taken out and cleaned on occasion to keep this backup from occurring.


To clean your filter you should use a water hose. There is an arrow point implanted on top of filter insert pointing the direction of water flow. Make sure this is pointed towards outlet pipe when installing.  

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